Ekies All Senses Resort - Halkidiki - Greece

There sits ekies, nestled quietly against the majesty of the med and mountains

Let me share a little slice of heaven with you...somewhere that feels like a secret. Away from the hustle and bustle of Thessaloniki, a forty minute drive through land and alongside the sparkling sea, to Vourvourou. Situated on the quiet bay of one of the "fingers" of Greece with vistas of pine forests, mountains and the Mediterranean sits Ekies All Senses Resort, an eco conscious resort with beautiful design yet that is family friendly. 

The non-existent tide and shallow waters make it a perfect place for babes to splash safely whilst you watch over with a cool cocktail in one hand and a book in the other. Yup, those oh so perfect insta-moments are plentiful here. Everywhere you look in fact, the details and care put into the resort is stunning. The splashes of colour, the white facades simple and quiet against the greenery which seems all the greener against them. Gorgeous yet humble.

The sea is crystal clear, and despite the fact we went out of season at the end of September, the weather for us was perfect. Warm enough for splashing in the sea, a chilly dip in the pool and bathing in the sun, without the worry of sunburn! (I am not good in the hot hot heat of high summer at all despite being asian!) 

Not to mention the spectacular boat trip that can be arranged from the resort. You set off from the little jetty from their private beach, with a picnic packed and head out to the nearby little islands. I honestly was in a complete state of bliss staring out at sea, Zora wrapped on me and the sea air whipping my hair gently. I remember thinking "I've got to jump in!" when we stopped at one little island and looked down at the every-shade-of-blue water, greedy eyes wide open taking it all in. And so, we did! Zora grumbled as I took her off my back and flung my dress off, then jumped into that other world!!! I knew if I didn't jump in, I would regret it. The sea was a perfect temperature, cool and buoyant. One of those moments that will tether you to the earth when your soul flees. 

We also visited nearby Karidi Beach, just a stroll away from the resort. The sea is deeper and the beach is bigger but still charming and beautiful. There are giant rocks like sculptures and windswept trees that line the beach. There is also a cute little drinks van with music pumping out, giving it a real Thailand type vibe (which we loved of course!). 

The room we stayed in was perfectly lovely, simple and understated in keeping with the rest of the resort but as a final hoorah, we upgraded to a Pine Suites room for our final night and oh my! It was so stunning; views of towering pines gently swaying in a soft breeze, disrupting sunbeams so that the light dances and sparkles and your own little plunge pool! I mean see for yourselves! 

We went for my big Three Oh celebrations and I couldn't have chosen anywhere better. It was the perfect place to welcome my 30s with arms open wide; I saw the next decade sloping towards 40, but it was ok because I was there, babe on one hip, holding Chris's hand, watching the sun set behind the mountains casting colours of warm gold, coral and amber on the mirror like sea...ahh take me back!