It is always enriching to collaborate with others; whether you're a brand or one girl band, I would love to work together in helping promote your products or ideas. You can rest assured that if you work with me, it will be on the basis that I believe in your brand/you, so it is important to consider whether you'll work well with the aesthetics of Before & Again. 

I mostly write about travel, motherhood, lifestyle and really try to focus on producing excellent photographs; its something that I love to do and brings me joy. I try to tell a story and to be honest.  

My Instagram account is my baby, I have nurtured it and watched it grow over the last few years. I have great engagement and really love being part of the community. I have 32k followers currently but I really feel that engagement and authenticity is what captures the audience (alongside beautiful photographs of course!) 

Brands that I've worked with in the past include Boden, Green People, Essence & Alchemy, Toast and Wildbird

If you would like to work with me in any way or would like a copy of my media kit, please do drop me an email or use the contact form below! 


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