On Superpowers: Here is mine, tell me yours...

I am quite a reflective person I suppose; I like to think about things and figure out why something happened or how I could improve. This could be linked to my anxiety and perfectionism, which in some ways isn't always helpful in moving me forward, but most of the time i feel it helps me to learn and grow or help others. 

Similarly, my capacity to feel emotion is something that I am trying to embrace. After years of being told that I feel too much, I think too much and I am simply "too emotional", I am saying enough to those negative comments and thoughts. I am going to embrace it. This was totally sparked after watching Mayim Bialik's video on emotional intelligence, which a friend shared on Facebook, saying that they thought of me. 

Mayim shares how she has often been teased for being overly sensitive about anything from paperclips to homelessness (I mean really, what's wrong with that?) But the sentence that resounded with me the most was,  

" I can't tell you anything coz you'll take it personally..." 

I was like "whoa, it's not just me that has been told that"  Instant relief fell over me. Family members in particular have kept things from me, thinking that I would be unable to handle what they had to say or "overreact". So anyway, here I am sharing with you (as I did on Instagram) because hopefully someone will read this and relate. After all, that's the best thing about the internet right? Connecting, sharing and hopefully not feeling so alone in a feeling. 


I am going to take this familiar trait of mine and embrace it as a superpower. All superheroes have strengths that can sometimes feel like a burden (super strength: when you're trying to open a door but manage to break the door) but it takes time and I guess growing up to realise that something that felt like a weakness or hindrance is actually a superpower. 

I am able to empathise at a whole new level and that makes me compassionate and understanding. I am able to forgive. And ultimately, I have this sense of being connected to others, not just in my city but anywhere in the world. Surely that is a superpower? My very own Spidy-sense! 

Tell me, what is your Superpower? xx