A Dreamy Weekend Staycation in Cornwall

*We were guests of Watergate Bay for 2 nights and I was asked to share my honest opinion and review our stay. All pictures, words and thoughts are my own and I so hope you enjoy reading!* 

It was my first proper time to Cornwall and I had already heard and seen so much loveliness about Watergate Bay, so no pressure but it had a lot to live up to!! And even though I had stalked their instagram feed and stories for months, nothing prepares you for the spectacular, soul lifting view as you hug the last corner and swoop down to the bay. The sun was shining down and blue skies embraced us. The cliffs watched the waves below like guardians of the beach and it just was breathtaking. 

Weary and aching, we got out the car and stretched our arms this way and that; our faces smiling towards the sun with the wind licking our hair around our faces (Chris less so! Ha!) and hurrying us along. As we walked to the Reception we all caught a glimpse of the sun streaming in through those iconic windows onto the pool and whispered “wow” to each other. After being welcomed and given our generous and jam packed itinerary, we headed to our room, a family suite, in a building adjoining the main hotel. We followed through a maze of corridors and up and down stairs! 

The room was super spacious and well thought out. A separate little room with a bunk bed awaited the girls, who raced to it as soon as they saw! I loved the little bean bags in there by Spanish brand Nobodinoz and their own tv (for those early mornings when we would want to lie in!) Not that either of them slept in there much! Luckily with our hugeeee comfortable bed it didn’t matter when they joined us in there! There was also a gorgeous big bathroom, lush toiletries and thick fluffy towels warming on the rail. 

Watergate Bay has ensured that families can have a care free, relaxing and adventurous stay, whether it’s for one night or two weeks. It was so lovely to see a pile of buckets and spades the kiddos could use, towels could be grabbed en route to the beach, showers separate to the pool area so you could de-sand yourself and of course the amazing Kids’ Zone!

However, they have design lovers in mind. Careful attention to detail means that every nook of the hotel is instagrammable but not invasive. You can allow yourself to be drawn to the windows that frame the Bay, the way Monet’s waterlilies do at Musée de L’orangerie, soaking in Mother nature’s beauty or take in each deliberate detail (I have to say I did both!) The interiors add a touch of luxury whilst being wholly practical and are completely gorgeous. One of my favourite colour combinations when younger was grey with a pop of yellow so I just adored it. 

We were fortunate enough to dine in all the onsite restaurants!! Each one has a relaxed atmosphere but different vibe. The Living Space is more cool and chic, Zacry’s is warm and inviting whilst The Beach Hut feels like you’ve been dropped in Maine; I walked in hankering after some lobster or crab! None are pretentious but service is of the highest standard; staff are warm, friendly and (something that is super important to me) knowledgable! It is a place to awaken all your senses and they’ve taken great care in ensuring that that is the case. One of my favourite things I noticed during our stay was the music selection, especially in the pool as it just heightened the weightlessness you feel in the water, teamed with breathtaking views of the sea and sky. My ears pricked up in delight when I heard the otherworldly electro twangs of The XX. The other favourite has to be all the floor to ceiling windows in the main spaces (and of course the pool), so you can drink in that view at every opportunity.

We tried to make the most of the services, which meant we could sneak away for some time to ourselves! On our first night, we had been booked in for a 3 course meal at Zacry’s and were excited but nervous to try the baby monitoring so we could keep an eye on our snoozing babes whilst we tucked into a delicious meal. We didn’t quite make it to 3 courses before Dalia awoke but were kindly allowed to have desserts delivered to our room and  enjoyed them next to a once again snoozing Dalia in bed! Which by the way, should totally be a thing! 

Breakfast was bustling and bountiful! There was so much choice but the star of the show was most definitely making our own waffles! They are divine!!! (& the waffle makers are made in Brum!) Zora had been looking forward to that moment for days and it lived up to it. We even got some cream to pour over them! Scrumptious! 

Zora was super excited for the Kids’ Zone and as it was term time, we booked Dalia in for a morning session for littles too! They both really enjoyed it and whilst we were nervous leaving Dalia (she’d never stayed with anyone apart from family) we got to enjoy an hour’s peaceful swim and quick dip in the hot tub. It was moody perfection when the clouds had come back in and it drizzled! Chris took the girls back to kids zone outside the session time too, so they could enjoy the outside play area and toys inside. It’s honestly such a sweet space, the little reading nook melted me! Not to mention the Scandi calm of the littles’ room! Zora really appreciated the time to be independent and do activities, which she can’t do with Dalia and of course, she made some friends! The pool was enjoyed several times! Twice in one day in fact! Zora claimed she had learnt to swim in it, whilst not quite true, she was super confident, as was Dalia! They splashed about for hours and the only thing that got them out was the promise of returning to it or food! 

Whilst the facilities are fantastic, nothing beats the bay itself; the beach and cliffs, the view either side stretching out and the sea. We absolutely made the most of Mother Nature! The girls spent all day on the beach (when they weren’t in the pool) even when it was drizzly because it’s not any less gorgeous! It was the perfect way to help blow away that happy, heavy feeling feast at The Beach Hut, a walk on the beach was just what we needed. 

Oh and *ahem* I tried surfing for the first time ever!!!!!! All the exclamations necessary because it was AMAZING!!! I love swimming in the sea and would happily dive in, back in Brighton, when it was still too cold for most! My instructor was so lovely, patient and funny! I wish I had tried it every day we had been there (though my body is probably thankful that I hadn’t because ya know, it was a real workout!!! And took a few days to recover!) It was exhilarating, focussing and in honesty, I preferred it to my massage! Massages are my usual go to for de stressing and switching off, but trying to read the waves to work out if they were rideable, focuses you completely. No time to think about the usual million things that are swirling in my head! It was an absolute highlight and a total privilege to try! I didn’t manage to stand up but caught some waves and managed to get to my knees! I can’t wait to have another go one day soon! You must must try it!! 

Our final evening, wound down with a relaxed meal in The Living Space watching the sun set slowly. The terrace area, which overlooks the bay is perfect for an apres beach or pool drink; you could easily cosy up with your beau, babes or pooch and watch the sun set and the moon rise. The girls had the sweet staff doing their bidding by bringing them crayons and babycinos on demand, before we tucked into dinner. Afterwards, we changed the girls into pyjamas and bundled them up, so we could walk up the cliff to catch one of the most beautiful sunsets we have seen. 

It's a short walk and so worth doing! Before you get to the top (please be aware that it does become clear of the gorse and it's a steep drop down! so hold tight onto those littles’ hands!!!) Chris had a sleepy Dalia wrapped on his back and Zora happily stood next to me to watch the sun dip into the sea and make way for a magical night sky. On our way back down I wrapped her on my back, so grateful to have shared such a special view and stay at the bay with her, with all of them. It was a completely blissful moment.

The girls have been begging to go back since we left, which we always take as the biggest compliment for any place! And in honesty, we have been trying to work out when we can go back too! As mama and chief picture taker, my eyes greedily took in every detail...the girls little bums in their swimming costumes as they raced down the ramp to the sand, the sounds of the sea and people, the way the girls laughed as they walked across the stream and stones...I knew it was the place that childhood dreamy moments were to be made. The kind that they would one day look back on and want to recreate.

I have also put together this little video of our weekend! I really hope you enjoy it!
The music is by one of my favourite bands Broken Social Scene and the song is called Almost Crimes

I also wanted to add, as I have already had a few questions on my Instagram, about the girls' cute outfits! Many of the clothes are from the awesome Alex and Alexa and the sweet check romper/tee/tights outfits at the end are from the gorgeous Little Cotton Clothes. All gifted. The girls' swimming costumes were bought by us and are from Next (Zora's pineapple) and H&M (Dalia's watermelon)! Hope that is helpful! xx