Co-sleeping and The Mattress of Dreams

I always knew I wanted my baby close. It was what my parents had done and probably their parents before them too, so for us, it was just a natural choice. I only came across the term cosleeping when we started looking into the minefield that is sleeping receptacles for babies; cots, moses baskets, swinging cots...and of course a cosleeper! We were kindly bought a cosleeper as a gift by my sweet mother-in-law. We loved having the extra room and the safety of being able to put our tiny precious bundle into there. Though the reality of course was she was often right next to me, so she could help herself to boob whenever she needed during the night. 

As a diligent first time parent, I looked up safe cosleeping tips and of course I read the scary and rare cases where things went wrong (if you are preggo or considering cosleeping please I implore you DO NOT read those). It’s far more important to arm yourself with knowledge rather than fill yourself with fear, so I have linked to articles and websites for information below. 

We did the same with Dalia! We did buy Zora her own bed and she has a room but she prefers to sleep with us, which I won’t lie, I love. I guess I am used to having her near me and find (despite the kicks and pulling the duvet off of me) that I sleep better with her there. She has been particularly insistent on “cuddling with mama” since starting preschool, so I’m glad to comfort her in this way.   

But alas, our loyal Ikea Hemnes bed which lasted a good 8 years, was simply too small. When evesleep  got in touch about a collaboration to review their iconic plump yellow mattress, I jumped at the chance! 

The mattress arrived rolled in a box and as per the ads you’ve no doubt seen, you have to unbox, unfurl and open it up! And as if by magic (like those tissue dinosaurs you put into water) the mattress puffs up into a cloud like dream to lay on!  

We got a super king because, well there are 4 of us in there! And we actually have it width ways (so sacrificing a wee bit of footapace for Chris) so we can all lay on our backs with room!! Bliss! 

The best thing about the mattress is that when someone else gets on, the mattress doesn’t dip, which makes it ideal for cosleeping. No worries about a dippy mattress that your babe can roll into! Of course you have to follow the other advice too, but from someone who has cosleeping for a number of years, from newborn, I can say that it would be great from that point of view! (I have linked some guidance on safely bed sharing at the end of this post) 

Our verdict? We love it! Truly. It’s transformed how well we sleep and for Chris where he sleeps! (It was on the sofa or Zora's bed for some time! Oops!!) It is supportive without being too soft or too firm. Despite it not being a spring mattress the girls have plenty of fun bouncing and rolling around the bed! Even when I feed all night (yup still) laying on my side, my hips and back are far less achey than they used to get, which is a huge bonus for me! If only I had had the Eve Sleep mattress when I was pregnant, my hips would have been so thankful! 

Sleep is especially precious as parent, let alone a cosleeping parent and whilst I do not claim it'll make your babies sleep through, you can rest assured the (sometimes little) sleep you get will be good quality sleep. 

 EveSleep kindly sent me the gorgeous linen sheet set as well as the king size mattress in order to review.  However, as always, all images, thoughts and words are are my own in this post. 

Here are some links for guides on safely sharing a bed with your baby/babies: