Christmas Guide Pt 2 - The Grown Ups

As I type this the snow is falling outside and I am buried under blankets, with the girls are curled up next to me watching Frozen. I honestly had so much fun putting this together, so I am genuinely excited to share it with you! I tried not to get tooooo carried away but as you'll see below, I kinda did! Oops! 

I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. I really believe in these people; the sellers, curators, artists and makers. They are passionate and love what they do and I'm sure that you cannot go wrong with such beautiful, well made and thoughtful gifts. 

Again, these are all under £60 because I am mindful that you have to buy for so many people but also aware that sometimes people shy away from smaller makers and businesses because they feel they'll be unattainable objects. But let me assure you, well thought and made doesn't necessarily mean a high price tag. Plus you have the added knowledge that so much love has been poured into each and every thing. 

And check this out...this time I have made the images clickable links! Hoorah! So you can click straight through to the products!! 

Happy Christmas shopping friends <3